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Points Panda Consulting and Concierge Service

Did you know opening credit cards actually improves your credit score over the long run? Do you need a guide to help you figure out which credit cards are right for you? Do you need help redeeming your credit card points to get the most amount of value? Sign up for Points Panda consulting and get a full year of unlimited credit card assistance and unlimited award booking requests. In the consulting service we guide you over chat, email, phone screenshare on how to transfer and redeem your points, but with the concierge service we’ll handle the entire booking from A to Z on your behalf. We’ll even call the airlines for you if we need to!



  • We do a full analysis of your credit, spending habits, and your “dream redemption” to come up with the optimal strategy to amass the most amount of credit card and airline points to be able to make get to your dream redemption in the least amount of time

  • As you begin our custom made strategy of amassing points for your redemption. Points Panda will stay in touch and give you unlimited consulting over the year to keep you aware of the best credit card bonuses and other offers to optimize your point earning strategy.

  • When it comes time to book your awards flight the Points Panda team will scour to find the absolute best deal to get you the absolute best deal. You’ll be flying in a $5,000 business or first class across the Atlantic or Pacific for less than the cost of a cheeseburger!

Points Panda


$695 / year
  • Unlimited credit card consulting / analysis via email and chat
  • Customized analysis to help you get to your "dream redemption"
  • Unlimited award booking requests via a booking form, email, or chat. (5-7 day turnaround)
  • 30 minutes of phone / screenshare time per month
  • Discounts on cash bookings
  • 30 day moneyback guarnatee
*Price for those with point balance under 250k points and earn less than 50k points a month.
Points Panda


$1,495 / year
  • Unlimited credit card consulting / analysis via email and chat
  • Customized analysis to help you get to your "dream redemption"
  • Unlimited award booking requests via a booking form, email, or chat. (5-7 day turnaround)
  • 30 minutes of phone / screenshare time per month
  • Discounts on cash bookings
  • 30 day moneyback guarnatee
  • Unlimited phone / screen-sharing access with the Points Panda team
  • We handle the entire award booking process from A to Z (Transferring the points as well as booking the flights on your behalf)
  • 5 Cash flight booking on your behalf per year
  • 3 cash or award bookings for a friend (flights where concierge member is not on the same flight)
  • Faster turnaround: all bookings upgraded to express service for free (1-2 days)
  • Unlimited Emergency Concierge service in case of flight cancellations or other unforeseen events
  • Unlimited calls to the airlines
  • Holiday season, last minute booking and all other fees waived
*Price for those with point balance under 250k points and earn less than 50k points a month.



Or assistance with one personal booking

We'll compare the cost in points of transferring to various airlines vs using the portal and come up with the best use of your points. Cost various depending on the complexity of the itinerary.

$197 - $397


  • What is Points Panda?

    We are a premium credit card consulting and award booking consulting concierge! What does that mean? You pay one flat rate for an entire year and we consult you over the phone, email and live chat about what credit cards to open and where to put your spend to maximize the amount of points you make in the least amount of time. Then when it comes time to book your awards flight(s) we will find you the absolute best deals using transfers to fly you around the ocean in expensive business class flights for nearly free! (You may be responsible for copays that are around 1-10% of the cash price)

  • In English please!

    Signup for our service, open up the cards we tell you to open, follow our strategy and fly business class and first class for nearly free! If you have other concerns such as wanting to maintain status with an airline or alliance we can help you there too. We help you figure out what the best credit card

  • What is your money back policy?

    You have 30 full days to try our service to get a 100% full refund no questions asked. After that you can cancel anytime and receive a prorated refund for any months unused.

  • Who is best for this program?

    American residents with a social security number (citizens/greencard holders) or foreigners able to get USA credit cards with an established US residence and ITIN that has established credit history are those I can help the most, because of the massive credit card sign up bonuses.

    Ideally you’d have a credit score over 640.

    However, other countries, in particular Australia, Brazil, Canada and Singapore have decent credit card signup bonuses and bonus categories as well and can certainly play the game.

    For Europeans and citizens of any country if you have a business generating significant credit card spend, or spend that could be put on a credit card every month (at least $6k USD), then we can help as well regardless of where you are from.

    Also if you have a large amount of airline miles from flying or through other means, we can also help you redeem those miles for the maximum value, regardless of your citizenship.

    Also, while flying business generates the most value. If, say you have a large family and looking to use a large redemption to fly 4 adults roundtrip in economy, we can still get you good value, but the best value comes from flying business and first class.

    If you’re not sure if you fit in the criteria feel free to try it for 30 days and if either Points Panda or you feel its not a good fit we’ll give you a full refund!

  • Are there any other costs?

    There may be 2 other costs to play the credit card and travel hacking game.

    1. Credit card annual fees: In order to rack up points fast, our best suggested strategy is opening up credit cards with large signup bonuses and those cards sometimes have an annual fee (though sometimes that fee is waived the first year). The annual fees can range as high as $550 but typically are in the $50-$95 range.

    2. Award flight copays. Yes, taking a free roundtrip flight to Asia in business class that would have costed $5,000 is awesome! But typically you are responsible for some of the taxes and fees. They are sometimes as cheap as $5, but sometimes can be as high as $500 roundtrip for certain redemptions, though typically you could be looking at something around $150 in fees for a roundtrip long distance business class flight.

    3. There may be other minor fees Points Panda charges for with certain types of bookings For example if you wish to have us use our credit card for bookings instead of your own we’ll charge 3.5% to cover our merchant charge. There is also charges for expedited bookings (the service typically takes 4-6 business days) and also certain fees for booking less than 30 days, and especially less than 14 days out. There is also a fee if you wish for us to handle cash bookings for you (not included in the service as we only do unlimited award bookings for free). Please contact us for more information, but 87% of the award bookings we do, do not encounter any extra fees.

  • Why can't I just do this myself?

    The credit card game and airline transfer game is filled with pitfalls to confuse you into using your points in suboptimal ways such as redeeming for giftcards, or using a travel portal that have a redemption rate of 1c per point or less, whereas with airline transfers you can get as much as 10c value per point when flying first or business class.

    If you are looking to signup for cards not all points are created equal, some are better for flying to Asia, others are better for flying to Europe or South America depending on their partners. Furthermore some points aren’t even transferable. To add to the confusion some points are worth much less than others. Capital One points are worth 0.75 of Amex points whereas Marriott points are worth $1,000

    Also, even if you know how to do points transfers it’s not nearly as straight forward as booking a flight in cash. Most airlines give the best deal for flights on alliance partners (Using United points to book Avianca, using Delta points to book Airfrance etc), but they are not easy to find! For example did you know the best way to find an American Airline alliance award flights by transferring Chase points to British Airways is to search on Qantas? Oof what a headache! And sometimes you even need to call in to get these deals. We’ll handle this all for you saving you your points and getting you in that nice comfy business class seat.

  • Do you guys handle the entire booking from A-Z or show me how to do it?

    If you’re interested in seeing how it all works, we can hop on skype or any screenshare and walk you through it. Otherwise the only thing you need to do is transfer the amount of points we tell you to, to your rewards account.

  • Can I use the unlimited service to book a friend?

    You can use the service to book as many other people as you want as long as you are on the exact same reservation.

  • Can I use this service for my business?

    While we will do a quick analysis of your business spend should you wish to optimize your spending profile. We will not book employees and business partners on awards flight unless you are on the same flight. In the future we may come up with a business package but at this time this for individuals and for individual use.