Coronavirus Travel Assistance

Let’s start with the good news, after months on lockdown the world
is slowly opening up again to the possibility of travel. On the flip side traveling is more complicated than ever. Covid-19 restrictions on where you can go and what you can do are constantly changing! It’s incredibly hard to keep up! Wouldn’t it be nice to have unlimited access to a team of travel geeks to help you navigate these new waters?

We can help with essential and emergency travel! Are you or one
of your loved ones trying to get out or in to a country or location that
is currently closed? Are you trying to get home? We’ve helped dozens people get into or out of “closed” countries like Argentina, Singapore and Australia. We’ve helped couples separated halfway across the world find a country that would accept them both to be able to meet again.

Get unlimited advice, feasible itineraries, assistance with changing restrictions and cancellations and more for an entire year!

We’ve also found suitable 3rd countries to have emergency business meetings take place when both the host’s country and guest’s country were closed to foreigners. Thankfully repatriation flights have become a lot easier to book since the pandemic has begun but having a team to help you through the process, we guarantee you will be helpful.

Maybe your travel isn’t essential and you’re just looking to have an affordable team of travel agents help you plan a local vacation for you
or you family that is feasible given current restrictions. We can help there too! The best part of the Corona Concierge is it’s an unlimited model, you pay one yearly rate for unlimited access to Freddy and the Points Panda team. Our service is perfect for those that want a team to ask questions and provide unlimited consultation without the high costs of a travel agent, or even worse, spend thousands of dollars on an immigration lawyer just to point you to a relatively simple form to fill out for “emergency access” into a country!

Travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic: Our team has your back!

Here at Points Panda we’re luxury travel hackers and points geeks by trade, but we’ve also traveled a lot. We eat, breathe, and sleep in travel. We know traveling is much more complicated and risky than it was before Coronavirus hit, and we want to be here for you for any questions you may have before you travel and to make sure everything goes smoothly. That’s why we came up with the Corona Concierge. We have your back in assisting you with both essential and non-essential travel for a fraction of the price of a full time travel agent or immigration lawyer.

Pandemic Travel Help – Unlimited questions, Unlimited Help

For one low flat rate you can contact us as much as you want with questions about traveling. Contact us about anything travel related you want. You can reach us by E-mail, Whatsapp, Skype, even Freddy’s personal phone number if its an emergency. For essential traveler we’ll point you the right direction of the forms and applications you need to fill out and where you can find appeals should your request to access a closed country be denied.

When it comes to trying to take a non-essential trip or vacation we’ll come up with as many travel ideas as you wish based on your current location, current restrictions, lockdown risk, contagion risk, and the type of activities you’d like to do. We’ll also suggest places to stay and what type of transport to take based on your preferences! We’ll even give you restaurant suggestions based on whats open, or any other travel related question you have!

How are we able to offer so much assistance so cheap?

The secret is we do what we do best providing advice, suggestions, and sample itineraries, allowing you to handle your own bookings and fill out your own form. We provide advice and suggestions. We’re NOT immigration lawyers nor could we offer this service at such a low price. We’re here for the intermediate level traveler who is trying to navigate their way around the new waters and wants a team of travel geeks to have their back.

Quarantine and Other Covid-19 Requirement Research (Don’t get stuck!)

We’ll be here for you to keep an eye on restriction both before and during your travel and let you know if there is a sudden change so you don’t end up getting stuck somewhere! We’ll also inform you of the necessary paperwork is in order before you travel so you don’t have to deal with any surprise once you head to the airport. If you or meeting up with a loved one and trying to fly them home, we’ll inform you of any quarantine requirements.

We’ll keep an eye on changing quarantine and travel restrictions before you travel and on your trip so you don’t have to!

Help with flight cancellations because of Coronavirus:

For a limited time, we’re also helping you deal with all cancellations including flight cancellations made before you signup. If you’re owed multiple hundreds or even thousands of dollars by the airlines we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to get them to pay up!

Unlimited Covid-19 Paperwork Assistance and Visa Requirement Research

We’re not immigration lawyers. If you’re thinking about relocating somewhere it’s best you talk to a lawyer. However, if you’re looking to get into or out of a “closed” country, assisting someone in your family with a repatriation flight, or even simply taking an international vacation, we’re here to help! We can do research on your behalf to make sure you don’t end up getting rejected from flying because you didn’t have the right paperwork, or even worse arriving to a country to find out you didn’t have the right visa.

We’ll do paperwork research on your behalf and include it in our itineraries. We make no guarantee that the information we’ll send you on what you need is up to date and will get you through without a problem, but we can promise to do our best. Again we make no guarantees to get you into or out of any closed countries, but we’ll try!


Assistance with paperwork is strictly limited to research and information We are not a visa agency and cannot apply for visas on your behalf.

  • Essential Travel Assistance

    Types things we can help with: We’ll find options available to help you or anyone in your family get in or out of a country or location thats currently closed. Once we find an option we’ll make sure you have all the right paperwork. If you need to have an urgent international business meeting we’ll help find a location thats suitable for all parties. We’ll also be there for you if any issue arises while you’re traveling! Consider it a form of insurance. Once traveling we’ll stay abreast on changing requirements to make sure everything works smooth for you. We’re available during business hours via Email, Whatsapp, SMS and yes, you can even talk to us on the phone as much as you’d like!

  • Vacations / Non-essential Travel Assistance

    Types things we can help with: Find out what the restrictions are before heading to fly or on the road! The last thing you want to do is setup a vacation only to find out once you’re there that most things are closed, or even worse get turned away at the border because of changing visa restrictions! We’ll make feasible itineraries for you on safe vacation options for you and your family including destination options (domestic & international), transportation options, day-to-day activity ideas, and send you a general covid risk report before you head off. Once you’re ready to travel we’ll double check of any paperwork requirements before you arrive. Also once you’re traveling we’ll keep you abreast of any changes on travel restrictions both at your home and your destination!

  • Our 30 day Money back Promise

    We know this is a new type of product and you may not be totally sure if you’ll get value out of it! That’s why we include a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee! Try out our service out for 30 days and if you’re not totally happy with our customized itineraries and travel assistance, we’ll give you 100% of the money back, no questions asked!

Points Panda


$695 / year
  • Unlimited access to our team with ANY travel related questions via email, chat and phone.
  • Unlimited assistance attempting to get into or out of "closed" countries (account holder and immediate family)
  • Unlimited assistance and research on required paperwork (travel visas, testing, quarantine requirements etc)
  • Unlimited research and consulting on transport options and pricing. (*Excluding points booking)
  • Unlimited requests for research into suitable low risk vacation options
  • Emergency assistance via phone and live chat during business days/hours and via e-mail
  • 30 day moneyback guarantee

Meet The Points Panda Team

Frederick «Freddy» Lansky

Points Panda’s founder, Freddy Lansky, first got into travel hacking in his last business where he frequently had to frequently fly partners out in business class, and learned how to use points to save him thousands of dollars a month in airline ticket expenses and enjoy luxury travel for free both for himself and others. He currently resides in Mexico City, traveling in luxury (of course), learning foreign languages, surfing, and internet entrepreneurship.

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  • I didn't understand anything above, please re-explain

    You pay one yearly rate for access to our team of travel pros with unlimited access to us via live chat and email for all your travel related and travel during coronavirus related questions. Once you’re ready tell us the essential or non-essential travel request you seek assistance with and we’ll get to work! Once you’re traveling we’ll keep an eye on the news for you in case there are sudden changes or restrictions or increase contagion risk so you don’t end up getting stuck. We’ll also assist with flight and trip cancellations as well

  • What is your money back policy?

    You have 30 full days to try our service to get a 100% full refund no questions asked. After that there are no cancellations.

  • Who is best for this program?

    The Corona Concierge is best for those seeking help with essential travel and want to  have full access to a team of travel pros for the next year to guide them without paying thousands of dollars to a travel agent or immigration lawyer.

    We’re also here to help with non-essential travel such as coming up with safe and feasible vacation plans.

    Most importantly our concierge provides you piece-of-mind by having our team keeping an eye on changes to travel restrictions both before your trip and during your trip, so you can enjoy your trip without ever having to check the news even once! (A dream right!)

  • Are there any other costs?

    For both consultancy members and concierge members:

    You’re responsible for paying for all your own flights, lodging, transport, dinging, tours etc. The membership cost is for advice and assistance.

    Research on transport is limited to cash options. For those looking to redeem credit card and airline points, you’ll either need to signup for our credit card and travel hacking consultancy or pay a one time fee.

    Our assistance is limited to advice. If you then wish for us to book a tour on your behalf or call the airline on your behalf for a cancellation, there will be an extra small fee for this


  • Why can't I just do this myself?

    Rules are constantly changing and as they say time is money!

    For essential travel: Rules are constantly changing and there are many loopholes that may get you into a country that is technically closed. We can help there at a small fraction of a cost of an immigration lawyer. We can also come up with suitable locations for an emergency international business meeting

    For non-essential travel, sure you can do it yourself. In the age of the internet it’s not that hard to do research on places to go, things to do, flight ticket cost, and the best dining options where you’re going. However, do you WANT to be spending your time doing this research on your own? Do you want to spend all of your vacation checking the news each day to make sure your family doesn’t get stuck somewhere because of an unexpected travel ban or quarantine?

    Our consultancy provides an affordable product where you can handle your own arrangements but have a team of travel agents you can contact, bounce questions and ideas, and most importantly have your back once you’re on the move so you can shut off the news an relax!

  • Is this the same thing as your credit card assistance and travel hacking consultancy?

    No, they are 2 separate products. Our credit card concierge is mainly for big spenders that have access to high end credit cards with lucrative signup bonuses. In that product we assist you in signing up for all the best cards with the best bonuses, check your business and personal spend to optimize the amount of points you receive, and when you’re ready to fly we help you find the best deal on points to fly on a layflat first or business class seat across the ocean for basically free that would have costed thousands of dollars in cash. This Corona Concierge is a separate product, though if you want to signup for both there is a discount.

  • For essential travel - Do you guys fill out the forms and documents?

    We’re always happy to hop on the phone and if you need help filling out some forms we’ll even hop on Skype or another Sceenshare software with you, but to be clear our service at this price point is limited to advice and help. We do not book anything for you, we do not fill out any forms or paperwork for you.

  • Can I use the consultancy to do trip research for someone else?

    The concierge is specifically for the main account holder traveling and anyone in their party (e.g. Family members, significant other etc). We kindly request that you do not ask us to do research for someone else’s trip who isn’t a Points Panda member if you are not traveling with them. For essential travel and assistance with repatriation, we will help members of your immediate family even if they are not on the membership.

    At the end of the day though, there is not way for us to verify this so you’re on the honesty policy, but if we suspect abuse (e.g. reselling our itineraries to your own customers) we have the right to shut down your account without a refund. Thankfully this has never happened.

  • Can I use this service for my business?

    Sure! However, you must be the main person traveling when asking for business travel requests.

  • What is the difference between the consultancy and the concierge

    As experienced travel agents, we realized that booking people’s flights and hotels was actually taking a lot more time than the research itself. We also realized that most people know and don’t have any trouble booking a flight or tour and simply wanted advice. Therefore we give people 2 options:

    The consultancy includes unlimited advice, unlimited research, unlimited itinerary suggestions, unlimited help with cancellations, and unlimited access to our team via live chat or email for any questions. Most importantly in the consultancy we do research and give you advice but we don’t actually handle your bookings.

    The Concierge level includes everything in the consultancy level but with a much faster turnaround time for itineraries, unlimited phone and video call support, and most importantly, we’ll book everything on your behalf including flight bookings, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, flight cancellations, and even tours, so you don’t have to waste time doing so. We’ll even sit on the phone with the airlines on your behalf. Of course this extra level of detail takes a lot of time and costs a lot more. If you’re an extremely busy person, the concierge level could make sense for you.